Placenta Encapsulation

Why would you eat your placenta?

The placenta is the organ that nourishes your baby with food and oxygen throughout your pregnancy. Many animals consume their placenta following birth. It is thought that the placenta helps to replenish the hormones and iron that are lost so suddenly in the birth process.

Anecdotally, women have reported that it can help with energy levels, mood, milk supply, postpartum depression, and Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex. There are few scientific studies to prove or disprove any of these observations, although scientists have confirmed that the placenta does contain measurable levels of hormones and iron. The University of Nevada Las Vegas is studying the topic. (This video has a quick overview of the scientific literature with Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth.)

How much does it cost?


How does it work?

We pick up the placenta after baby is born and deliver it back to you at your home or in the hospital. You swallow the capsules as you would any other supplement for the first 3 weeks after birth as needed.


*Make sure your care provider knows that you would like to keep your placenta. It should be refrigerated until processed.

**You should not consume your placenta if you have any blood borne diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis.